1. One Man Did

From the recording From "2020 Myopia"


Can the world be changed, 
or must it stay this way 
Is there any hope, we’ll see better days 
I’m afraid to watch the evening news, 
It’s never any good 
I get depressed, and I am convinced, 
You feel the same way too 

Somebody should do something
Someone should take a stand
Somebody should do something
Bring healing to this land

Can one man make a difference
Can one man shine the light
In a darkened world where everything's wrong
Can one man make things right
Can one man find the courage
When friends all disappear
Can he stand alone and bear the cross...
One man did

And the world was changed,
in so many ways
And there is hope, we’ll see better days
You won’t see it on the evening news,
but you can find the truth
In kindness, in sacrifice,
in all things pure and good

Repeat Bridge and Chorus